New provisions concerning remote hearings and e-service of correspondence

On March 14, 2024, the Covid-19 epidemic is coming to an end in the courts. After 4 years, the controversial provisions of Article 15 zzs (1), (2) and (9) are disappearing from the legal order.

Based on them, it was impossible to determine even which click on the Information Portal would trigger service, and whether a party could enter the courtroom if the hearing was set as remote.

Despite the flaws, these regulations have permanently changed civil procedure, and in at least four areas:

1. remote hearings
2. service by Information Portal
3. rulings in closed sessions
4. single-judge panels in courts of second instance.

All of these areas are already regulated in the provisions of the CCP.

The new regulations on the issuance of judgments in closed sessions and the composition of appellate courts have already been in effect since the middle of last year.

Today, amendments introducing regulations on remote hearings and service into the CCP come into force. For the most part, they merely provide a legal basis for previously formed practice. However, there is also no shortage of several provisions that are worth considering and applying.


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