Team Leader:
prof. dr hab.
Jarosław Majewski
Advocate, Partner

DMS DeBenedetti
Majewski Szcześniak
tel. +48 22 339 54 00


We successfully advise our clients – Polish and international, institutions and individuals – on criminal, fiscal-criminal and other matters related to criminal law. The matters we are involved in are often complicated, legally complex and receive wide coverage.
Due to the profile of the matters entrusted to DMS, we have particularly extensive experience in matters from the broadly defined area of white-collar crime, including matters related to trading in financial instruments, banking and insurance, as well as on performing executive functions in companies and other entities conducting business.
Not only do we represent our clients in front of law enforcement entities and courts, but we also offer complex legal assistance on criminal law matters, which includes such things as:

• assessing business undertakings planned by our clients from the point of view of criminal or fiscal-criminal liability,
• advising on solutions that exclude this type of risk,
• assisting companies with organizing their internal structure and operations in order to mitigate the risk of provisions on the liability of collective legal entities being applied against them.


The leader of the criminal law team is prof. dr hab. Jarosław Majewski. He is the author, co-author or editor of almost 170 publications in various areas of law. He has written treatises, commentaries, articles and glosses published in Polish and international scientific magazines, including well-received commentaries on the Criminal Code and on the Criminal Justice System. Prof. J. Majewski is a renowned authority in legal circles. From 2012 to 2016, he was a member of the Codification Committee of the Criminal Code at the Ministry of Justice. What clients value most are his legal knowledge, professional experience, expertise and quality of legal assistance, as well as the care he shows for their interests, which is demonstrated in the recommendations he received from Chambers & Partners in the area of White-Collar Crime in 2018 and 2019.

What we offer

• We represent clients in criminal and fiscal-criminal procedures, as well as in procedures concerning administrative penalties.
• We advise on matters related to the liability of collective entities for prohibited acts.
• For our clients, we assess business undertakings from the point of view of risk of exposure to criminal or fiscal-criminal liability.
• We offer complex advisory services on the legal aspects of economic trade (white-collar crime).
• We help perform obligations related to counteracting corruption, including obligations arising from US laws.
• We provide any necessary legal assistance on any aspects of criminal law.

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